Our Beloved

In the rich tapestry of Prempeh College’s history, past headmasters have played pivotal roles in shaping the institution into a beacon of academic excellence and tradition. Mr. Ebenezer Afoakwa Sekyere in particular, left an indelible mark during his tenure.

A group of visionary leaders, transformed Prempeh College, elevating academic standards and fostering an environment of innovation. They did not only uphold the college’s traditions but also championed programs that nurtured well-rounded individuals.

Under the collective stewardship of past headmasters, Prempeh College thrived as a community by instil values of excellence, pride, and inclusivity, leaving behind a legacy that resonates on campus today.

As we pay homage to these leaders, we celebrate the enduring spirit they infused into Prempeh College—a spirit of dedication, vision, and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.

Reverend Sidney Nelson Pearson

The first or founding Headmaster, Reverend Sidney Nelson Pearson (1949-1953) in his four year term, set the trail blazing by making discipline and academic work his principal preoccupation. Majority of the permanent buildings were constructed and in use before he left. Rev. Pearson is said to have built Prempeh College, physically, educationally, and morally.

Mr. T. C Sims

The successor of Rev. S. N. Pearson was Mr. T. C Sims (1954-1958). He proved himself to be an effective school administrator as well as a level headed man.

He is credited with the formation of Cadet Corps in 1955. Rear Admiral Ohene-Kwapong and a host of others who joined the Corps rose to become distinguished commissioned officers in the Ghana Armed Forces. Sixth form was introduced during his era as Headmaster.

Rev. A. D. Lewis

The two last expatriate Headmasters Rev. A.D Lewis (19580) and Mr. Arthur Clark (1961-1963) apart from presidiner further physical development are also said to have estald a system of administration which became a model for successors.

Mr. Arthur Clark

The former was called ‘Osiadan’ (He built nine staff bungalows in two years) while the latter was called ‘Oyeafuo’ for the cultivation of large farms. At the end of this era a sound foundation was laid and Prempeh College was on course for continued progress.

Dr. T. A. Osae

Dr. T. A. Osae (1963-1976) the first African headmaster, brought the work of his predecessors to fruition and built on it. Under him Prempeh College was placed on a high pedestal, beating key schools academically for ten consecutive years, producing more students for the medical school than any other school and becoming National Athletics Champions. He is mostly fondly remembered by AMANFOO, and no wonder the fraternity have instituted the annual Pearson-Osae Appreciation Lecture in honour of the main pivots of Prempeh College’s success story.

Mr. M. K. Atiemo

Mr. M. K. Atiemo (1977-1984). His period as Headmaster unfortunately, coincided with bad economic difficulties that confronted the nation, especially between 1980 and 1983.

Exodus of teachers as well as shortages in essential inputs for teaching and learning negatively impacted on academic work to the extent that there was a fall in standards. Interestingly, just after he was transferred to headquarters in 1984, Prempeh College produced the best “A” level results in the country in 1985.

Mr. R. T. Sackey

Between 1985-1995 when Mr. R. T. Sackey held the mantle of headship, there was a remarkable recovery, as Government gradually released funds for rehabilitation of the College. Dormitories as well as main classroom blocks and staff bungalows were renovated. Academic work improved significantly, with Prempeh College winning the maiden edition of National Science & Maths Quiz in 1994. Mr. Sackey is credited with writing the lyrics of the current College Anthem.

Mr. Ebenezer Afoakwa Sekyere

After what is described as “The Long Interregnum” (1995-1998), which saw two Acting Headmasters Mr. Twumasi Amponsah and Mr. Fred Asamoah – Mr. Ebenezer Afoakwa Sekyere took over as substantive Headmaster in 1998. He is well known as “Sadam”, “Boss” and “Millennium Headmaster”, he ensured that the campus resumed its traditional orderliness and general state of cleanliness and embarked on the beautification of the compound. Academic excellence peaked in 2000 when overall best WAEC student and the best Science student were won by a student of the College.

Mr. A. Owusu-Achiaw

Mr. A. Owusu-Achiaw (2002-2009) took over from Mr. Afoakwa Sekyere and continued with his good works. Academic excellence was maintained, and in some few years back, Prempeh College had matriculated over 400 students KNUST alone, not to mention other universities. The College won the National Debate in 2004. He also initiated the building of a new Assembly Hall Complex and an 18 unit classroom block among other projects,