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Vision and Mission

The School’s official name is Prempeh College.  Both current and past students are known as Amanfoﬤ, depicting the sense of nationalism imbued in the pioneering students in the original motto of the College: “Oman pa fapem ne obrapa” which translates as Good citizens make a good nation.

is a strong determination through hard work, integrity and good morals and also a strong desire by Amanfoﬤ to serve the nation in particular, and the world at large in any capacity they find themselves.

The original motto was amended to “Suban Ne NimdeƐ” – Character and Knowledge in 1964.


The School’s main vision is to offer Prempeh College students a unique experience in education in order to achieve academic excellence, and to train youngmen to occupy positions of responsibility.


To provide committed service and the relevant inputs that will enhance teaching and learning, ensure compliance of school rules and regulations by students and mould the character of students in achieving the vision of the school.